Pointe Du Hoc: A Brief Stop






As Matt, G, and I left Omaha Beach, we made a quick stop at Point Du Hoc, which was a short 10 minute drive away. Our driver gave a brief narrative of the assault US Rangers undertook to get rid of some artillery guns the Germans were storing at this strategic hilltop side.

Much of the site still remains intact from the days of WWII. Bunkers, or craters from bombs, are all still in place. The area belongs to the United States, so I suppose in a technicality, we were in America while in France. Nonetheless, it was a great deal to witness all the history that we learned from history classes and saw in movies. To be at the site where very important battles took place was a worthwhile experience.

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29 y/o male working in the rehab world of physical & occupational therapy. I started the blog to share my thoughts, and call things for what they are. I am a fair-minded person, and moderate in most of my views. While political topics will be the bulk of my postings(sure to offend conservatives & liberals), I will venture into more personal postings such as travel, and occasionally, sports & music. Refined Colloquy? Well, simple. I wanted something that had a simple sophistication to it. Enjoy.
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