President Obama’s “Pretty Please” Foreign Policy

Pretty Please is a sweeter or kinder way to say APPEASEMENT. The word no President wants linked to their administration when it comes to foreign policy.

I must admit that when I heard this from Mitt Romney, I could not help but laugh. They say ignorance is bliss but this comment by Mitt Romney made me question if the former governor actually lives in this world.

Romney would have us believe that President Obama is weak on foreign policy. Well, let’s see what OUR President has to say about the “Pretty Please” foreign policy especially in regards to the base, or what much of the Western World knows as “Al-Qaeda”.

Many republicans seem to think that to have a strong military or national defense we have to go invading every nation that does not toe the line of the United States.  The U.S. has been down that road before with Iraq in very recent history and the consequences are real. How is it that you would want to carry out an attack against Iran? Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is suffering terribly in his country as far as how his leadership is viewed. In some circles, he is isolated. Now how do you think an attack on Iran would play out in that nation, especially if the attack was unprovoked, as was the case in Iraq? The consequences would be beyond severe. In the short-term, gas prices here in the States would hover around $6 – $10/gallon. Iran would most certainly try to close the Straits of Hormuz (approximately 1/3rd of the world’s global oil supply goes through these waters), leading to an even bigger regional conflict with the United States.  Iran would definitely launch an attack on Israel directly and through Hezbollah and Hamas. Iraq would be caught in a difficult place, but likely would stay neutral or side with Iran, given the fact that there is a Shiite-led government in Iraq now. And all this is the tipping on the iceberg.  Yet these Republicans would have us believe that they are showing the world the U.S.’s military might by imploring WAR as an option.

So Mitt Romney, how exactly will you get tougher on Iran? War should not be the answer in this case. The path to war is not one our nation can afford.  Already, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have almost the United States bankrupt.

So is President Obama soft? Let’s go back to the Bush administration. What exactly did the Bush administration do with regards to Iran? Not nearly enough despite all their hardcore rhetoric and mentions of Iran as part of an axis of evil!

In this present Obama administration, the sanctions against Iran have been the strongest that any administration has levied, yet Republicans would have us believe that President Obama is soft on foreign policy. No he is pragmatic, and stands on the fact that military power alone does not solve all the world’s problems. The sanctions against Iran have immediately been biting that nation. Already, its currency has gone through devaluation with future devaluation a great possibility. Transactions are becoming much harder as people are penalized for carrying out transactions with Iran’s main Central bank. This has led to the Iranians threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz. They would not be doing this if President Obama’s tough sanctions on their country were not having an effect. They are being boxed into a corner and closing the Strait of Hormuz, while feasible, cannot be maintained by the Iranian Navy for a prolonged amount of time especially if multiple allied Navies get involved in ensuring the Straits remain open. Besides, shutting down the Strait of Hormuz will have a detrimental effect on the Iranian economy as well. They need their oil shipments to go through those Straits. It is a difficult situation all in all, and I must stress, war is not the answer.

Romney says President Obama wants to talk to our enemies without preconditions. What is so wrong with that? This idea of shunning those governments we disagree with until they meet our demands is ludicrous. How did the U.S. and the Soviets resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis? A time when the world was so close to a nuclear war? They talked amongst each other! Albeit privately, that conversation between both adversarial countries led to the disarmament of missiles 90 miles from the U.S., and the U.S. agreeing to remove its missiles from Turkey.

Suppose President Obama talked with the Iranian president in a neutral country or at the United Nations during the general assembly and held other talks but with no success on getting Iran to stop developing its alleged nuclear weapons program. Then the world community would see that all the diplomatic channels had been exhausted, and war could possibly be a last resort. Personally I am against war but in this case, if there is a direct threat to our National Security or if the Iranians launch an attack first against the U.S. or on the U.S.’s interests in the Middle East, I see no reason why we should not defend ourselves.

I don’t fully agree with President Obama’s foreign policy, especially with regards to Libya, but some may call the Libyan operation a success given that a man who ruled Libya for 42 years is now gone; Osama bin Laden is dead; other numerous military actions have directly saved American lives in dangerous parts of the world. This President realizes the limits of military power, which allows diplomacy to take on an even bigger role. Unlike his predecessor who managed to alienate the United States from the rest of the world, it is imperative for President Obama to maintain a multilateral pronged policy when it comes to world affairs. Iraq is a mistake that should never again be repeated.

The U.S. lost a drone to Iran recently, which is what prompted Republicans to call President Obama weak. But why? Because the Obama administration demanded the Iranians to return the unmanned drone? What was President Obama supposed to do? Attack Iran over a drone?  Let’s get real. Would you spend billions of dollars in a war just to save an unmanned drone that doesn’t cost as much? Very illogical it seems. All this tough talk by the Republicans is just pandering to a right-wing base, but it would be foolhardy to launch missiles, much less invade a country over a lost unmanned drone. What can I say…Politics as usual. Except this President is too busy executing a sound foreign policy.


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29 y/o male working in the rehab world of physical & occupational therapy. I started the blog to share my thoughts, and call things for what they are. I am a fair-minded person, and moderate in most of my views. While political topics will be the bulk of my postings(sure to offend conservatives & liberals), I will venture into more personal postings such as travel, and occasionally, sports & music. Refined Colloquy? Well, simple. I wanted something that had a simple sophistication to it. Enjoy.
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