This is the first in a series of issues that define Mitt Romney’s political stances that seem to accommodate change like the direction of the wind. When someone says and does anything to go with the wind, then you doubt if they have the character necessary to seek the highest office in the United States of America.

Mitt Romney, seems no different than Barack Obama when it comes to the issue of gun control. However, Mitt Romney seems so bent on not trying to have anything in common with the president that he will go to great lengths to marry a position on guns he never had. He has basically disavowed the policy he favored when he was governor of Massachusetts.
In 2004, then Governor Mitt Romney said “I believe the people should have the right to bear arms, but I don’t believe that we have to have assault weapons as part of our arsenal.” In looking at the second amendment, I think any citizen should have no issues here with this. Handguns, shot guns, and hunting rifles are all weapons that any average citizens can and should have. M-16s, AK 47s, Uzis and other automatic assault weapons just don’t belong on city streets.

The NRA will tell you that by banning assault weapons, the government is infringing upon 2nd amendment rights. However, Mitt Romney had this right. There is no reason why military grade weapons should be in the hands of average citizens. They belong in one place only, and that is the men and women in uniform. 2012, Mitt Romney decides to go give a speech to the NRA to shore up their support. The NRA I am sure does not trust Romney, and I am sure his opponents do not trust him as well.
“I believe the people should have the right to bear arms, but I don’t believe that we have to have assault weapons as part of our personal arsenal.” – Mitt Romney 2004
The Brady Bill in particular that Mitt Romney now says is irrelevant and not needed should indeed be law. Automatic Assault Weapons should not be common place. Mitt Romney once was a strong champion of the Brady Bill, but now he has had a change of heart, because of course he is running for president. Conservatives and Republicans think he is suspect for good reason, because this guy does not have any backbone politically.

When it comes to gun laws, Mitt Romney favors/favored the Brady Bill in MA, one could conclude because it was a liberal state. However in seeking and ultimately getting the Republican nomination for president, he is no longer in favor of the Brady Bill, because of course that contradicts the GOP platform.



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29 y/o male working in the rehab world of physical & occupational therapy. I started the blog to share my thoughts, and call things for what they are. I am a fair-minded person, and moderate in most of my views. While political topics will be the bulk of my postings(sure to offend conservatives & liberals), I will venture into more personal postings such as travel, and occasionally, sports & music. Refined Colloquy? Well, simple. I wanted something that had a simple sophistication to it. Enjoy.
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  1. Dr Jay Ashley says:

    The beautiful irony of it all is that as a member of the “Endangered Species” list in this country, I feel I have no choice but to stand in line for an assault weapon of my own. The NRA doesn’t covet those weapons because they enjoy obliterating wild game. That makes for an ugly trophy. They don’t stack military grade weapons because they like the tax write off. This country was “taken” by force and if or when it every becomes a matter of force again, they (White men) believe they will have the upper hand based on superior fire power. Period point blank. Whether against foreign or domestic “enemies” they plan on “protecting” what is (theirs). That’s why one of White America’s favorite slogans is “Take back OUR country”. The day has come when White men can not simply vote themselves into the White House. They are now seriously outnumbered by minorities and empowered women of all races. This scares the living shit out of them! Long story short, you better get your arsenal up my brother.

  2. From hence forth Mitt Romney’s face needs to be published in every dictionary next to the word flip flopper. At the beginning of this election, i was very much interested in the idea of giving a business man the chance to turn the economy around. Obama had his chance. BUT now, i’m like better the devil I know, than a flip flopper who I cant trust to stand behind anything he says or promises. I honestly don’t think Mitt Romney believes in all these extreme positions he has taken….which is sad because had he ran his campaign as the sensible man he is, standing firm in his believes, he would have come of more credible.

    As for the issue of gun control, i don’t believe in having guns in the house. But that’s me. I can understand that if you live in certain neighborhoods, it may be necessary to have some kind of protection. I just think that its should not be THAT EASY to buy a gun! There should be an application process including background checks before someone can own a gun. And through that process there should be a way to keep track of how many guns one person buys….

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